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Protecting our Low Country Homes & Businesses

Storm Solutions is your expert in Hurricane protection.  We have personally been involved in product development ad testing of hurricane and tornado-resistant shutter products, and have customized Solutions for just about every type of project.

We look forward to offering straight-forward advice on the best hurricane shutter solution for your home or business.  Each storm shutter product on the market today has distinct advantages and disadvantages.  Our team can help you make the right decision.

Storm Solutions can also save you money.  The South Carolina Dept. of Insurance has incented Insurers to offer discounts for professionally installed storm protection products.  These discounts are often in the 10-20% range and can lead to a payback on your investment in 5 years.  After that, it is money in your pocket.   If you are amortizing your investment over 30 years (i.e. a mortgage on new home), the payback is immediate. 

We also offer Wind-Mitigation Inspections.  If you are looking to save money on insurance, call us today.

Residential Projects



Storm Solutions provides professional installations to area Buiders and directly to homeowners.

Commercial Projects



Commercial Contractors rely on Storm Solutions to provide protection for any challenge.

Hilton Head



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